Elliot Ngosa

23.05.2018 - Article

'Art for me is an essential discipline inseparable from my life. When I am in the studio, I am transfixed into a space I call an aesthetic void, where time and space freeze, leaving only me and the subject matter.''

Elliot, fondly known as Fr. Ngosa, was born in Kitwe (Copperbelt Province). His art does not escape the influence of his childhood familiarities. Growing up in Ndola town, the hub of the Copperbelt, he became acquainted –at a very tender age – with people carrying things, industrial activities, casual labourers, mass exodus and movements of crowds. These experiences suffuse his art and that is why, he calls it: “the dynamic rhythm of life”. This rhythm is a trajectory of activities and movements that naturally impose themselves on human existence, and he try to depict this in his works.

After completing high school in 1998, this humble but very enthusiastic artist began his long training to the catholic priesthood, in the year 2000. This journey to the priesthood, which took him eleven years and divorced him from the love of his life i.e., art, and only went back to it in 2012. To revive his artistic talents, he sought refuge in Wayi Wayi art studio and Gallery in Livingstone; owned by a couple, Lawrence Yombwe and Agnes Buya; two artists he is deeply indebted to. He received profound training in principles and elements of drawing from Mr. Yombwe, who later handed him over to Mr William Miko, and subsequently, he enrolled for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Zambian Open University.

Currently he awaits graduation due to take place in August, 2017. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from St Bonaventure University, Lusaka affiliated to Antonianum University in Rome. Apart from that, he also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sacred Theology from Tangaza University College, Nairobi – Kenya . In 2012, he launched a project called “St. Anthony Art Project for Orphans and Vulnerable children [SAAPOVC]”. The main objective of this project is to promote art in orphanages and community schools. This project has also identified orphans and vulnerable children and helps to sponsor their education through funds generated from his art works and donations from well-wishers.

''In my paintings, I always try to create a discourse that takes the viewer into the deep space in which I project the human figure. I aim at provoking the viewer’s feelings and emotions which spontaneously leads them to their own interpretation of what they see in my works.''

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