Mwamba Chikwenda

23.05.2018 - Article

Mwamba Chikwemba is what you can call a rising star on Lusaka´s arts sky. Born in 1992, she is a youngster in the scene but full of passion and determination to her work. Only recently she gave up formal employment to be a fulltime artist – fighting all obstacles that come with being a female young painter in Zambia. Her art work is a dispute on the same challenges. Most of Mwamba´s paintings - the majority of them in large format, bright and colourful – display women and women´s beauty. The artist herself points out that she wants the viewer to see that there is more in a women´s life than the traditional roles direct, that women are equally capable as men and should dare acting accordingly. Being an ambitious young woman striving after her passion herself seems to make her themes only more authentic.

At first sight her paintings are very cheerful and arouse an impression of happiness and easiness. A closer look shows a depth laying in the powerful expressions of the eyes of the women she portraits as well as a unique strength reflected in their postures. Enjoying to express herself freely and on big surfaces, Mwamba´s paintings also stands out among others due to their sheer and impressive size.

Being only 24, she is largely self-taught but underwent a couple of informal mentorships with established artists through whom she got familiar with arts and the arts industry in Zambia. Currently she shares a studio with David Makala in Chilenje but also plans to open an own one in Matero where she is based. Her work is permanently displayed in the Visual Arts Center on showgrounds. Furthermore, she was recently part of the “Visual Voices” exhibition hosted by the German Embassy.

We now proudly present her in our online gallery as Artist of the Month. Find Mwamba Chikwembe´s contact details and a selection of her work in the online gallery on the right side.

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