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15.10.2019 - Article

Measures to promote human rights

Basis for support

Germany is committed to protecting and promoting human rights across the world. To this end, the Federal Foreign Office makes available funding to support human rights projects. This money has to beused and accounted for in accordance with German budget law. Such funding many only be used for specific projects with a limited and clearly defined duration and content. It is not possible to provide institutional support for organisations working in human rights, for instance by assuming ongoing personnel or operating costs.

Sums of up to 70,000euros can be granted for concrete projects.

Projects running over several years are not eligible for funding. Irrespective of when they are launched, projectsmust be completed by 31December of each calendar year by the latest.

The funding of projects which have already started is, in principle, not possible.

There is no entitlement to support.

Focuses of support

  1. Strengthening civil society, in particular supporting human rights defenders, human rights institutions and media, e.g. by supporting project activities run by human rights defenders; promoting local, national and regional networks; protecting journalism; promoting freedom of opinion and of the press.
  2. Protecting and promoting the rights of women, e.g. by tackling discrimination on the grounds of gender; combating trafficking in women; supporting projects to combat “honour killings”; supporting projects to combat inhumane traditional practices, e.g. genital mutilation; countering/preventing violence against women, including in armed conflicts; fostering gender equality and the political participation of women.
  3. Protecting and promoting children’s rights, e.g. by combating child trafficking, child labour and sexual exploitation; protecting children in armed conflicts.
  4. Projects campaigning for a moratorium on the death penalty or its abolition, e.g. by supporting seminars with German or European experts; supporting reforms in the judiciary and prison systems.
  5. Economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR), e.g. by supporting projects relating to the right to housing and water; supporting projects relating to the right to health; supporting projects relating to the right to education.

    The aforementioned spheres are examples; other important fields include:

  • combating torture and abuse
  • combating human trafficking and forced migration
  • combating racism and discrimination
  • combating impunity
  • improving prison conditions
  • supporting truth and reconciliation processes


Please fill out the project application form carefully and in full and submit to the Embassy by the date set. Applicants should reckon on the procedure taking several months. The application must be accompanied by a financial plan including a detailed list of project costs. Once the Federal Foreign Office has approved the application, a funding agreement will be concluded under German law. Once the project has been completed, proof of employment of funds must be given using the sample text available from the mission. Interim progress reports must be submitted for projects which run over several months.

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