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30.12.2022 - Article

Appointments are needed for all applications for passport, visas and consular Services. You can book your appointment online (free of charge).

You will need an appointment to apply for a passport, visa or any other consular Service.

You can book your appointment yourself via our online booking system.

This gives you the advantage of being able to book an appointment that suits you and you have a fixed appointment at the embassy without long waiting times. Before booking an appointment, we ask you to read the information available on our website on passports, visas and consular services carefully.

Please note: You can make an appointment for a visa application up to 6 months before your intended travel date!

Before booking your appointment, please note the following:

  • Please book an appointment for every applicant, even if you are a family. If you are applying for visas or passports for yourself and your children, please make a separate appointment for each Family member. Only applicants with a valid appointment will be admitted entry to the Embassy
  • Please be on time. You may come to the Embassy earlier thank your scheduled appointment, but if you show up for your appointment more than 15 minutes after your appointment slot, you will not be admitted entry to the Embassy and will have to book a new appointment.
  • Incomplete applications cannot be accepted, the application will be rejected free of charge, and a new appointment must be made.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment, please cancel it. This will help us with our scheduling so that we can offer all customers appointments as promptly as possible. Depending on the seasonally high demand, appointments may already be fully booked or have to be booked longer in advance.

You can book appointments yourself HERE quickly and easily. The appointment booking is free of charge.

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