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18.05.2023 - Article

For long-term stays of more than 90 days.

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The German Embassy in Lusaka only is responsible for residents of Zambia and Malawi (long-term visa only).

In most cases, the German Embassy in Lusaka requires the consent of the local immigration authority (Ausländerbehörde) in Germany before issuing a visa. Therefore, the processing time for a long-term visa depends on both the complexity of the case and the individual processing times of the local immigration authority in Germany. The German Embassy Lusaka has no influence on the processing times of the immigration authority and cannot guarantee that a long term visa will be issued in a set amount of time or before a certain date. It is advised to apply well in advance of your intended arrival in Germany.

Taking fingerprints is part of the application-process. Therefore all applications have to be submitted in person.

The visa fee is € 75 payable in Zambian Kwacha cash only! Please note that the fee is subject to change depending on the current exchange rate. The fee is a non-refundable administrative fee. In case your application is rejected you are not entitled to any refund.

The fee may be waived or lessen if a legal exemption applies.

Submitting a complete application does not automatically guarantee that a visa will be issued. Every application is assessed individually as to whether the individual applicant qualifies for a visa in accordance with German laws or not.

Preparing your application

You should start preparing your application as soon as you have plans to stay long term in Germany.
Please prepare your application as follows:

  •  You may download the Application_Longterm via this PDF and present the filled out and signed form to the German Embassy. Please also fill out the Declaration pursuant Section 54 Residence Act.

  • Please compile the documents you need to submit with your application. Please note that the Embassy must see the originals, but does not keep them on file. Therefore, please always bring a copy of the original that you present at your appointment, including the data page of your passport. If documents or supporting documents are missing, your application may be rejected. 
  • Please make an appointment to submit your application HERE

Submitting your application

In order to submit your application, please attend your appointment at the embassy in person. Please hand in your complete documentation. Every application needs to consist of two identical applications (one for the embassy and one for the local immigration authorities in Germany). Therefore you need to provide two identical piles of documents in identical order.

Due to frequent forgery, all documents have to be provided as originals if not stated otherwise! An original document is never an email and/or a scanned document. Original documents are normally signed and stamped by the issuing person or otherwise authorized person.

The embassy will ask you questions about your planned trip and take your photograph and fingerprints. 

The embassy will review your application and make a decision on whether or not to grant you a visa. To this end, it will check whether your application meets the legal requirements. Depending on the purpose of your trip 6 to 10 weeks is realistic. However, in some cases it even may take much longer to check your application. The embassy will contact you as soon as it has made a decision on your application. We hope you will understand that we are not able to answer any questions on the status of your application during this processing period. After that, enquiries are only answered if they are made by the applicant, his/her legal representative or another person authorised in writing by the applicant.

Information on blocked accounts

You can choose yourself where to set up your blocked account. It is important that the following conditions are met:

  • The blocked account must have sufficient credit in order to cover the costs arising for the duration of your planned stay in Germany, unless other proof of financial support is presented in the visa procedure. Certain standard rates apply that are based on the rates for German students. From 1 January 2023, the presumed annual requirement that must be paid into the blocked account when applying for a visa amounts to 11,208 euros.
    The account may only permit the withdrawal of a certain amount per month (for students currently 934 euros).
  • The blocked account may only be closed with the consent of the blocked account beneficiary. The blocked account beneficiary is either the mission abroad or, after entering Germany, the competent foreigners authority. A blocking notice therefore only ensures that sufficient funds to cover living expenses are always available. It does not entitle the blocked account beneficiary to withdraw money from the blocked account. 

Certain banks in Germany offer special blocked accounts for students/language students for educational institutions located at their place of business.

The list of providers offering blocked accounts throughout Germany is currently being reviewed. Please note that the naming of institutions offering blocked accounts on the Federal Foreign Office website or the website of the German Embassy in Lusaka does not amount to a recommendation. For reasons of competition, the Federal Foreign Office and the German Embassy Lusaka can only name the service-providers offering blocked accounts of which it is aware. The Federal Foreign Office or the Embassy do not however have a business relationship with the institutions offering blocked accounts.

Evidence of basic knowledge of the German language

Evidence of basic knowledge of the German language in the event of the subsequent immigration of spouses from abroad.

Would you like to move to Germany to your spouse? Or would you like to move to Germany together with your spouse? Or would you like to come to Germany to get married and live with your spouse?

In these cases, you must demonstrate before you enter the country that you possess a simple knowledge of German. This is to ensure that in Germany you can conduct basic communication in German from the start.

Please find all information in the downloadable leaflet.

Knowledge of German Language

Return of your passport

As soon as the Embassy has reached a decision on your application you should collect your passport in person. If you are not able to collect it yourself, you can authorise another person to do so for you.
There are various reasons why your visa application may be rejected. The reasons will be stated in the letter notifying you that your application has been rejected.
You are welcome to submit a new application at any time with complete, informative and verifiable documentation.

Have a good trip! Information for visa holders

If all the information on your visa label is correct, you are free to travel. Please check the information on the label as soon as your passport is returned to you. You should let us know immediately if there are any mistakes so that we can issue you a new visa.
Your visa will state your full name and passport number and include your photo. It will also state the number of days you can stay and the period of validity, that is, the time by which you must have received your residence permit for Germany.
Therefore, please do not forget to register at the residents registration office shortly after you arrive in Germany and to make an appointment with the foreigners authority. Your entry visa will allow you to travel within the Schengen area.

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