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Customs regulations

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04.12.2017 - Artikel

Although there are certain reliefs in the clearance of goods in the travellers’ personal baggage you may not carry with you all goods and products in passenger traffic without any limitations. The importation and exportation of certain goods is restricted and possible only under certain conditions (e.g. previous permission). For some products absolute import and export prohibitions apply. Due to its key position at the external border of the European Community, the customs administration has been charged with the control of these import and export restrictions.

Movement of services and capital

You do not trade in goods, but conduct economic activities that involve relations with foreign countries. In certain cases such activities could be subject to restrictions or involve certain obligations.

Information regarding all customs related questions should be retrieved directly from the website of the German Customs Authority - Zoll Deutschland.

German Customs Information

The German Embassy in Lusaka can only provide you with a limited assistance concerning customs regulations. For more information please visit the official homepage of the German Customs (Zoll).

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